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Adour - Energy Advisory

We help you grow new wholesale energy capabilities.
We give you the support and the tools to
transform the anxiety of change into the excitement of new opportunities.

About Us

We are a boutique advisory firm with over two decades of experience, specialising in wholesale energy markets (electricity, renewable, gas, oil and carbon).
We have a deep knowledge of hedging and commercial risk management in energy markets, along with demonstrable expertise in energy derivatives, renewable and carbon schemes, and international oil and gas markets.

The Australian energy market is facing deep structural transformation affecting all participants, from developers and generators to retailers and large consumers.
The emergence of renewables as a prime source of energy, new energy technologies and evolving international market linkage create multiple challenges for current energy management practices - offering significant opportunity for innovative operators.

We partner with organisations to harness these exciting developments: to remain competitive, respond to market and regulatory changes and embrace the emergence of new energy energy management practices.

Our Services

Wholesale Energy Strategy

Adour assists your organisation at time of change and transformation, providing the tools and advice to lead your strategy and grow your people.

● Energy sourcing, procurement and hedging strategy development.
● Commercial strategy and planning to support asset development, acquisition or operational improvement.
● Energy management strategy, review and optimisation.

Operations and Optimisation

We partner with your team to implement energy management strategies and build sustainable practices.

● Set-up of wholesale operations.
● Hedging and trading activities.
● Leading of complex commercial negotiations.
● Energy procurement and asset commercialisation.
● Strategic implementation lead.

Risk Management

In a highly complex regualtory environment, we bring best practice and governance to support operations and growth.

● Economic and financial due diligence.
● Business analysis and market modelling.
● Tailored analyses and recommendations on energy. management solutions.
● Risk policy and operational framework.

C-suite and board advisory

We provide decision-makers with insight and analysis on current market trends, competitive and regulatory landscape and emerging practices.

● Review of corporate energy strategy and objectives.
● Critical review of key documentation (contracts, models, policies, ...).
● Market and competition review. 

Our approach

1. We work with developers, generators, retailers and large consumers to understand their current challenges, business goals and opportunities and then develop a strategy to respond.

2. We conduct a critical review of existing wholesale and risk management strategies and advise how they might be tailored to meet your corporate objectives.

Working alongside your team, we guide the development and implementation of operational frameworks, embedding ‘best practice’ skills and techniques to meet future needs.

4. We also partner with major consultants for delivery and oversight of tenders and major wholesale energy projects, providing leadership, critical review and capability uplift.

5. We continuously engage with your board and senior executives to keep them abreast of current and emerging energy issues; we provide them with visibility on risks to address and opportunities to explore. 


Tiburce joined the energy sector in 1997, at the inception of the liberalisation of Energy Markets in Continental Europe. He fronted the development of TFS Energy brokering operations in Switzerland, Germany and France.

In 2003, Tiburce joined Loy Yang Power (LYP) in Australia, one of the largest generators of the Australian East Coast with 2000MW capacity.

As Trading Manager, Tiburce led to the establishment of LYP as one of the key market participants and enabled the organisation to respond to significant market transformation: hedging on the SFE using Futures contracts, incorporating weather derivatives as risk management tools, closing the first carbon transaction in Australia (CER) and leading the negotiation of a 20 year milestone energy supply agreement with a large aluminium smelter.
Tiburce also managed the development and implementation of key commercial strategies ahead of the introduction of a carbon tax in 2012.

Mid-2012, he joined AGL Energy as Wholesale Gas Portfolio and Strategy Manager: he oversaw the formulation of AGL gas strategy, engaged in gas supply and haulage negotiations and developed AGL first oil-hedging policy.

• Strategy development and commercial negotiation
• Strategic planning and Board reporting
• Business operations
• P&L management and financial reporting
• Leadership and stakeholder management
• Risk management and governance
• Compliance and performance management 

Our Clients


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